“We cannot seek achievement for ourselves and forget about progress and prosperity for our community…     Our ambitions must be broad enough to include the aspirations and needs of others, for their sakes and for our own.”                                                                      – Cesar Chavez


12/18/18  The Loretto Band plays Christmas Carols for the Loretto Lion’s Club Annual Christmas dinner at the Civic Center. 


12/12/18  The Loretto band in conjunction with Rick’s BBQ, held a community fundraising event featuring Christmas Carols played right in the restaurant. 


12/07/18  The Loretto Band played Christmas Carols for the Loretto Lift Up “Lighting of the Christmas Tree” community event.


08/26/17  The Loretto Band host a community concert with the Foster Party of 8 in downtown Loretto.  


08/10/1917 The Loretto Band and Guard perform the National Anthem at the Babe Ruth World Series held in Lawrenceburg, TN.


08/06/17  Band together, The Loretto Band joins forces with the LCHS Band to play the National Anthem at the 2017 Football jamboree at Lawrence County High School.


07/29/17  The Loretto Band holds an end of summer community car wash again at Kress Auto Parts in Loretto.  Great support from the community.


07/21/17  The Loretto Band receives a uniform donation on behalf of the City of Loretto from a special guest at the end of camp swimming pool party.  Thank you Mayor Jesse Turner !!


07/20/17 The Loretto Band is very grateful to Jaime Hagan and the New Prospect Baptist  Student Ministry for the food and hospitality during band camp.  Thank you !!


06/24/17 The Loretto Band teams up with sponsor Williams Auto Sales to conclude their “Drive for Uniforms” campaign with a Car Wash on site. 


05/29/17 The Loretto Band takes part in a very special Memorial Day performance through downtown Loretto. 


01/21/17 The Loretto Band and Boosters serve homemade Chicken Stew and Chickens and Dumplings at the Annual Indian Artifact Show in Loretto. 

12/01/16 The Loretto Band performed at Weathers Park along with the South Lawrence Choir at the City of Loretto Community Chistmas Tree Lighting.


11/11/16  The Loretto Band honors all of those who have served this great county of ours in the 2016 Veteran’s Day Parade in Lawrenceburg, TN.


10/29/16 The Loretto Band grilled up some good lunch at the Loretto Health & Fitness weightlifting event LIFT 2.0.  Thanks Chris and Vickie for having us.


10/18/16 The Loretto Band and Guard performs for the community during the annual Oktoberfest music night event in MH Weather’s Park.


9/26/16  Members of the Loretto Band Boosters serve customers at the Middle Tennessee District Fair on behalf of the Eastern Star of Loretto. 


8/27/16  The Loretto Band hosted the Foster Party of 8 band in a community event at the Weather’s Park gazebo in downtown Loretto.

8/21/16  The Loretto Band holds a Pancake Breakfast fundraiser along with the LHS Cheerleaders to raise money for the 2016 Nashville Christmas Parade.

7/30/16   The Loretto Band conducts community fundraiser Car Wash #2 at Kress Auto Parts.


6/11/16   The Loretto Band assists the Amber Jordan Foundation in the Annual ADJ Fun Day.


5/28/16   The Loretto Band conducts community fundraiser Car Wash at Kress Auto Parts.



5/23/16  The Loretto Band leads the annual Memorial Day Parade in Loretto.


5/1/16  The Loretto Band participates in the Swing into Spring concert at the old Crockett Theatre.


3/23/16 The Loretto Band is recognized by the Lawrence County Commissioners for outstanding community representation in the Gatlinburg Christmas Parade.


12/20/15  The Loretto Band and LHS Cheerleaders are featured in the St. Joseph Christmas Parade.


12/13/15  The Loretto Band performs their annual Christmas Concert for the public.


11/11/15  The Loretto Band marches in the annual Lawrenceburg Veteran’s Day Parade.


10/22/15  The Loretto Band performs at “Band Together”along with Lawrence County and Summertown Bands at the Old Crockett Theatre.


10/05/15  members of the Loretto Band attend the Glenn Miller Concert in Lawrenceburg.


9/23/15  members of the Loretto Band attend the President’s Own Marine Band performance in Florence, Alabama.


9/19/15  The Loretto Band performs in the first annual Wounded Warrior Parade in Lawrenceburg.